We know about all special hotels and other places to stay for the night. 

  Tell us   when you want a room and how many guests you will be.
  We may also arrange with cabins or a boathouse including a boat for fishing.


  We can tell you where to find the best places for your meals on your trip.  Tell    us what you want for your lunch or dinner, and we will find a place and do a        reservation that will deliver a fantastic meal for you.

 Entrance fees / tickets

  We can tell you where to go and what to see.
  Depending on your interest of course.
  When you choose where to go, we take care of all booking of tickets to the        local attractions like :

  Atlanteravsparken Sea Park Aquarium
  Sunmøre Museum
  Ålesund Museum
  Other museums in the area
  Fjellstua ViewPoint on mountain Aksla

  Alnes lighthouse
  Giske marble church

  Other Churches in the area

  Necessary Ferries
  Necessary toll roads
  Sightseeing boats
  Tourist ferries

 Boat trips / Fishing Trips

  In the Surrounding area, we may rent a boat for a private sightseeing or a          private fishing session.  The best season for fishing is in our wintertime, but        there is a lot of fish to catch even in the summertime.


  In the area, we can offer a lot of activities like :

  Kayaking in the city center
  Hiking on nearby mountains (Sukkertopen or Godøyfjellet)
  Diving on nearby islands
  Bird watching (Runde)


  and many more depending on your interests

Our services