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06. Ona and other Islands

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From NOK 1'290

Every day when there is a cruiseship in Ålesund, we set up this trip named Ona and other Islands.
The trip last for 7 hours and includes lot of interesting stops with possibilities to take stunning photos.
Enjoy !

From NOK 1'290

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Normally, we have this departure time for this trip:

Departure 08:00, finished 15:00

Bus trip from Ålesund Cruiseterminal to Brattvåg, starting 08:00
Ferry from Brattvåg to Harøya
Bus from Harøya to Finnøya
Ferry from Finnøya to Ona
Stay at Ona 55 minutes
Ferry from Ona to Finnøya
Bus trip from Finnøya to Harøya
Ferry from Harøya to Brattvåg
Bus trip from Brattvåg back to Ålesund Cruiseterminal, arriving 15:00


Please open the info sheet for more details.

Please visit our MeetingPoint in Ålesund at the latest 15 minutes before scheduled departure time.


  1. Ålesund
  2. Brattvåg
  3. Harøya
  4. Finnøya
  5. Ona